Friday, 28 June 2013


Well the go ahead for Euvlid that the European Space Agency hours will shed light, groan, on dark matter and dark energy.

Myself personally it had occurred to me ever since I realised that the planets were not linked to the sun that stars 'pick up' planets during their evolution. So therefore the planets were created, for the just part, somewhere else?!

Now that got me to thinking a great deal more, after first reading about the Kuiper Belt, that the universe could be littered with wandering cold and dead planets?!

If we can assume quite safely that many elements in the periodic table here on Earth needed to have been created gt a star with much more mass than our own along with the age if the universe then we can only guess at how many planets have been created during it's lifetime?!

So dark matter could be many things like clouds of gas and dust but could also be more tangible objects like planets and planetoids?!

Every start we now focus on is discovered to have a while series of planets so why world it he do hard to imagine that there are myriads of these things that have NOT been captured by a nearby star and wander around in interstellar space? Maybe even intergalactic space? Maybe something else influences those which could be out in the void between galaxies and their masses influence the nearby galaxies?

Just what I have thought for a long time now and I always thought that a large majority of the stars we can see were host to their own planets. When u first realised I felt strongly convinced by this it was common practice and belief to think that planets could exist elsewhere but only a tiny fraction would have planets.

Right now it seems not even my prediction was correct as.

Still it well be interesting to see what this Euclid will reveal but we will have a but if a wait as it launches in 2020

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