Monday, 3 June 2013


Been keeping an eye on this and hoping for done very interesting facts and figures to be revealed?!

This could be another big discovery of scientific data to reveal itself in recent times?!

Exoplanets along with Earth like planets and then of course the discovery if the Higgs Boson, or God Particle, that gives matter mass and soon this.

Black Holes have been the most elusive of objects in the universe to study purely because light cannot escape, lol. However when 'being fed' they can emit hugely powerful gamma-ray bursts which can be monitored and studied.

There is one down side to gamma-ray bursts and that is if the burst it pointed directly at us. Would not be to good for life on Earth depending on it's proximity and power.

If a star that is visible to the naked eye in the night sky had enough mass then when it collapsed st the end if it's life the gamma rays emitted hitting earth would kill life it came into contact with.

When the cloud comes into close proximity the singularities, whether the super massive I've at the galactic centre our any smaller nearby ones with become active and reveal....stuff! Lol.

Hmm do not remember reading anything of a date, even a rough one, if when this potential cataclysmic and cosmic event will begin. Hmm our even end come to think of it.

Maybe someone could tell Members of Parliament that on that day there are loads of duck islands, piles of cash and free Porsches in a field miles away from shelter?!


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