Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Oh how cool of this new report?!

This blog had long since been neglected dye to health issues endless visits to Doctors and hospitals for tests, scans and ask manner of things.

But tonight I read about a development that has me day dreaming of hundreds of thousands of possibilities all on the same exosolar system Gliese 667C.

Three large earth like, righty planets all within it's host star's habitable zone?!

A system with three planets ask of which could sustain life or even already have life?!

Ohh that is simply something I would never have suspected to be found in all honesty! Had I thought about it I may have reasoned that two habitable planets could be possible but THREE?!

My brain says no right now but by heart scream yes, YES PLEASE!!

Oh it will be great times indeed when they figure out a way to discover more about these other solar systems! What I would not give to see images of the surface of a series of Exoplanets ask with different types of host suns and with divergent coloured skies?!

Probably won't live anywhere near long enough but one can hope of a series of breakthroughs?! Governments around the globe need to run things properly and honestly before er can get back to the cutting edge of science.

If only people can stop their actions and words based on their own tiny bubbles that contain their worlds?! Put I pin in it and extend their views as to what of possible when but being dicks, lol.

I suppose I should day this of true of certain hard lined and narrow minded religions too?!

I wonder as to the temperature ranges of each planet sand therefore I can then theorise on my mind on the possibilities of life!

Would they be fairly similar our worlds apart?! Lol, yeah yeah terrible joke I know!

Hopefully in time and with more discoveries there will be a far better documentary than the last one I watched that was mainly rehashed stuff already widely known!

Maybe I can hope for a breakthrough in imaging and scopes too?!

Hmm between now and Christmas 2013 a great deal can happen?!

I might also posses done of the items I need and have wanted for thirty years too?!

Fingers crossed?!

I might try and find the time to do some research on this and come back and post again on this?! Also my mind is bound to focus on this one day and visualise as whole list of possibilities I will post up.

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