Sunday, 7 July 2013


Well how cool is this?!

Though it no doubt has its concerns if worst case scenarios too, lol.

First off whether our not they can get here is one thing to think about as they may be hostile?!

If not hostile then one scan of our planet and the wars, lies, corruption, belief in far fetched and impossible deities, hatred of some towards the rest if the world so they can keep their women under wraps and oppressed as they have no self confidence in holding down a relationship and even the death if children to keep their ancient outdated ways and any intelligent aliens will not come here?!

Or how about if they are predatory, ok bad pun, aliens but intelligent and decide which races on Earth are intelligent and eat some and not others?!

Well you do have to consider all the possibilities?!


Maybe they will just knock on my door and say 'look its crap here! Why don't you done with us?'

HOT DIGGETY DAMN, dreams from my childhood return to haunt me, lol!

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