Thursday, 11 July 2013


Yes only my nickname for it but how cool would it be to see what the scientists were now describing?!

Silicate glass train that scatters blue light? Very interesting indeed!

Surprising it was made with the Hubble Space Telescope which I thought had stopped working? Though I am not going to complain.

I did wonder sometime ago that if they could pinpoint the exact positions and orbits of Exoplanets over time what would happen if Hubble, or the next Space Telescope, was pointed at it.

I had always wondered about the glaring light from the host stars rendering any if the planets in its system invisible and wondered whether there might be a simple way around this? After all would it not require a dot that can be moved about and changing in size? That would be for the optical end of things but for those that render digital images surely it would only take the right algorithm, our set of algorithms, to blot out the host star's light and reveal but detail of it's nearby planets?!

Obviously they brings in another problem because you are viewing another Extra Solar System side any planets will be impossible to see once they pass into THIS SIDE if their host star.

Also surely a computer could also pick out light from planets that we would not visually pick up?! So anything that could me the size of Mercury or smaller still could be detected in time.

Also just as obvious is that though this had happened alot later than I thought but great to see but at further distances from the host start, relative to its brilliance and colour of course, it will get harder to impossible.

Well we cannot even see Pluto but this is due to the distance from the sun! If you had your Scopes on Pluto and looking at Earth, shrink to the size if Pluto, it would be much easier to see.

Now imagine that all Extra Solar Systems have a Kuiper Belt full of....objects. Chances of seeing them? Fat chance! Lol.

I think you would have to be aboard a starship before seeing our finding out some things.

Cool to dream about this stuff but I ask very hungry for ever more data and facts when it comes to Extra Solar Planets but probably because I have strongly believed they were present at just stars we see since I was about 7 or 8 years old, lol.

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