Thursday, 24 October 2013


Well it had been awhile since I posted in here! There are reasons and I will not get into them right now.

But there has been done very exciting announcements in the world of Astronomy and this one in particular spurred me into writing a post!

Would be a lot easier off the blogger ago was any good but it is not and difficult and badly designed.

So we have a solar system based on a dwarf star with seven planets found so far and interestingly all of which are closer to the host star than those in our own solar system?!

I long to know the mechanics of planetary positions thought different ages and phases of a solar system. I have long wondered if the possibility that the planets within a system get pushed out and pulled in when a star shifts from one phase to another. Like our own Sun, Solar, going from its yellow current phase to a red giant? Or a red giant turning into a dwarf star and do on and so forth.

This would obviously be different for certain star systems because, dependent on the mass of the host star, they might not reach certain stages. For instance a brown dwarf star is really a start that failed so could be argued is not a star at all. Our Sun well not turn into a black hole and so on and so forth.

Over time as more systems are discovered that play host to a planetary system and each of these bodies with there mass, size and position pinpointed a pattern, or patterns, should start to emerge? Maybe they already are add the number of planets known outside the solar system recently shot quickly to over 1000!

Very cool indeed and I cannot wait fir the James Webb Telescope to be raised into its eventual orbit! Not only will the objects know be quite high by then but this telescope will increase their discovery at a vastly increased rate. It should also provide more in the way of detail and data too?!

Good times, or at least will be soon and I must remember to have a look to see if there are any books specifically on Exoplanets?

Seven-planet solar system found

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