Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Here is an interesting example of when what was commonly believed suddenly and unexpectedly gets turned on its head.

A smaller black hole than they thought possible has sprung up during research on a distant galaxy 100 million light years away. They them mentioned that the intermediate black holes they thought were common have yet to be found and wondered if they ever would. Insinuating that they may not exist.

This is quite fascinating and I must get back into researching my love affair with astronomy. I find it quite intriguing that it could turn out that between these tiny and small black holes and that if sort massive black holes at galactic centres no others exist!

Hmm there is quite possibly a tool I could buy, oh ok gadget, that could help me possibly start reading again.

I love reading but in recent years I have found this to be difficult. Christ Webern sitting still and focusing has not been without its own problems.

However as well as apologising on a number of blogs I have on different subjects that I have on different subjects I can also now declare that I finally know why.

I have had a long running battle with an NHS that simply did everything but diagnose me. After my own wrong self diagnosis of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease I now realise that I suffer with Fibromyalgia. Oddly as well as explaining ask my physical difficulties it also explains my difficulty focusing on things, short term memory problems and a few other things I never dreamed could be linked together. Well I've had three dozen NHS so called health professionals tell me there is no condition to link even my physical pains. I currently now know of two both of which I have listed here.

I also apologise for the inundation of adverts and declare that due to a problem between between Google's Chrome, Goggle's Adsense and their refusal to speak to you unless they are making a mint I was not aware this had happened. The pop up blocker turned out to be curiously hiding the ads when I was in the design layout if the screen. This was kindly suggested as a possibility by someone on a forum which turned out to be spot on.

Thank you for nothing Google, lol.

Black Hole's Behavior Defies the Rules of Astrophysics - D-brief | -

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