Friday, 4 October 2013



Well this is a really exciting discovery! Yes despite everything I mentioned and have as well as am being put through on a certain other blog I can STILL get excited about breakthroughs in science!

Now along with a couple of previous discoveries, one being Graphene, and another to follow this blog I think we may be on the verge of a new era?!

Memory metal that does not suffer fatigue from overuse?! Can be quite thin and combined with Graphene...well dreamy and world changing in its potential!!

I remember from couple years back they also improved the solar cell four fold, though not seen evidence of its availability yet commercially.

Nano-bots and robotics have been taking leaps forward and clear acrylics as strong  as steal, derivatives no doubt used on smart phones?! 

Many imaginations will be running riot before very long and a whole heap of previously thought of as science fiction will become science fact in a short space of time! Within the next five years if idiot governments and military regimes stop meddling for power, control and money that is, lol.

Here is a link...

Now for the next one seen on the same evening...

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