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Well this is weird.

I'm currently very, very late to adding anything to this and any other blog I am the author of, outside of my corruption blog.

It's a long story and a pretty horrific one with some shocker developments .. I'm not going to go deep into.

To cut a long story short .. honest with everyone over plans.

Plans approved over thirteen weeks.

Find out about domestic violence in Hamilton members far away that results in discovery of disabilities in three out of five of them.

Police balls ups. Authorities doing nothing, think fire in house in Salford here.

Three cancer scares added on top of all that.

Speaking with Frank Field and the Work & Pensions Select Committee asking to use my case as evidence and publishing it on a website.

My own health deteriorating .. irregular heart beats, chest pain, tightness, getting out of breath and placed under a cardiologist.

Now they very short version of our of the way I just have one thing to say ..


Or 'A Visitor from afar arriving first'?! Tat is what it is called translated from its Hawaiian name.

This is the name given to not only a historical object in the solar system presently but a bloody bizarre one at that. SO they must be hopeful, right?

So much so they think it might be artificial .. or in other words .. alien in origin?!

You better believe it!

What's that? I better reach for my tin hat?

Well you better tell Stephen Hawking that as he is heading up a group of scientists attempting to mute their excitement because they think it might be alien in origin!

Ooh crikey. The chances are it's not .. but ..

It is the first interstellar object to enter the solar system that we have actually detected.

It's travelling very, very fast.

It's very, very long and thin which is not just unnatural in .. umm .. side rocks such as asteroids but .. the perfect shape for an alien spacecraft. Because it lessens damage from side debris like .. umm .. rocks and space dust. Meteoroids and the like.

Oh and speaking of damage .. it's very dense too suggesting it's either solid rock or even metal.
Weird for our first interstellar visitor, is it not?

So they are listening very intently for any signals it might give off that could not be from your average asteroid.

But it might be a ghost ship or Mary Celeste if your prefer?

So what then?

So what do I think?

Are you bloody serious man?! This is exciting .. it's the first thing I've been excited about for awhile now.

It's the first in awhile. Won't solve my current issues but .. of they are solved then maybe to very tool I had ear-marked for this blog which got benched will become a reality.

They thought it babe from Vega. Bit then realised .. well everything moves and takes forever to get there. Even at 196,000 miles per hour.

So it could have been travelling for a very, very long time.

Another possibility I have not heard or read anywhere is that this splinter like object exists as a result of a huge explosion or collision. Maybe a much rather rock existed that got hit by an even bigger rock and this splinter like structure is a result of that?

Maybe there is even some chance that is was the result of a collision between planets in another star system far away? Our own rocks are rounded because .. well many exist that are in belts that are akin and previously far more akin to a snooker table with objects shooting about colliding with each other. As these are invariably spinning any protruding bits get lopped off first, eventually giving us a more spherical shape.

But a collision far off in another system could produce a splinter like shape, it was not that odd to me .. just the reactions to it being splinter shaped being odd that got me excited. Thinking that maybe I was missing something? A collision between planets in another star system could potentially and likely did cause an incredible explosion with immense power. Something resulting from this being sent rocketing off out of its parent star system would not spend most or any part of its life, for that matter, in that billiard ball belt. Not long enough to become spherical in any way.

Of course it remains that this being once part of a planet in another star system could be the result of s supernova? 

We do not even know if it could have been flung here by a low mass black hole by sling shotting around it making it impossible to determine where it originated from. Unless of course we can detect and follow its previous trajectory back and find a black hole and then able to calculate how it would have sling shotted around said back hole and carried on following its previous trajectory prior to that?

That would be one hell of a tall order. Black holes are difficult to find when they are not super-massive ones found at galactic centres. They have often asked questions about the possibility and existence of wandering black holes. Throw that into the mix and the task is very, very nigh on impossible if not already. At least with the current technology.

But what it it is some kind of ship or probe?

It slung shot around the sun in a typical asteroid like fashion but this could be a ruse to not arouse suspicion? That is a fifty-fifty chance and if I was an advanced civilisation and if I knew what we were like and how we treated our own, Theresa May and the Tories *cough cough* this is what I would do! Wanting a closer look but not wanting the primitive apes to react like a bunch of Chimpanzees baying for the blood of other primates and, in this case, their technology.

Yeah .. from my own personal experience I would not want to deal or even talk to us. Maybe they will be back in a thousand years to check whether or not we had become truly civilised or not before making any 'first contact'?

Just check out the events unfolding in Salford or my own corruption blog to see why any intelligent and benevolent beings would stay the hell away from us.

A shame then that scientists do not suddenly realise this and speak out to do something about it .. instead of just staring at the stars waiting to see if something is waving.

Please bear in mind all pictures and videos are not real and artist impressions, lol.

Here is my old favourite John Michael Godier on the subject ..

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