Friday, 11 August 2017


No I am not farting .. I have been in and out of GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome, where you just want to gt everything! Yeah I have not done that and resisted.

Is that actually a thing? GAS? Or is it just something someone came up with that become a buzzword in its own right?

Oooh .. I did not realise I had not posted on my other blogs, namely this one!

Yeah .. once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away I said things were going to change? Well it might have failed to escape everyone's attention that it did not do as I had planned.

In fact everything went all Bjork on my arse .. Oh so quiet!

Then something else happened. Something kinda bad but also kinda unavoidable and I started to state once again that things were going to change.

Would not forgive anyone for thinking .. "Oh here we go again?!"

Yeah well .. no not this time and it just so turns out that a couple of other things are panning out to .. like an old change that was supposed to take place? Yeah that has returned from the grave too.

More will be known about the truth of that in exactly one week from now .. well on here any my other blogs at any rate.

For now I have acquired one .. umm well technically two items that will help me with this blog. Let us say that the outlay required to do this would go along way to show both my commitment and my .. umm .. enthusiasm?

We will see ..

What I have acquired thus far is a car for the first time in years and trust me the outlay as well as the insurance was considerable for me. But it both had to be done and was in the planning for a long, long time.

Then I bought a camera .. that is extremely good in low light as are BOTH the lenses. Both the lenses are top of the line zooms, before you groan .. check them out, and are claimed to be ass good as prime lenses and one of those is 24-70mm f2.8 and of considerable cost.

Though that was not as expensive as the 70-200mm f2.8 zoom with internal focusing.

Even the 1.4x teleconverter most people frown upon sells for like £450!

There are still things to be done and acquired and a battle is about to ensue as I was setting up a business for all this and all m blogs and .. they have reneged on their agreement and are now stabbing me in the back over all this.

I did figure that they might?

It may matter later down the end but then again it may not and it is too difficult to tell right now but a little over a week from now I should know what sort of position I am in.

So then I mentioned a car? A car that might be able to go anywhere, well almost, and that you could set up a tripod and a camera in the back of and shoot photos without getting you or the gear wet? Except .. well the camera and at least one of the lenses is both dust and weatherproof ..

The Car ..

The Camera ..

The Lens and Teleconverter ..

Another Lens more appropriate for this blog .. at least I think or I am buying another one, lol ..
Do have m eye on a couple of f1.4 wide angle lenses, one a 24mm I think it was?

Some other gear ..

I will build a PC to be able to edit 42 Mega Pixel RAW photos and 4K video .. this one .. does not .. at least it starts but within this century? Yeah .. no...

A Celestron was on the list .. except the list is now being interfered with after being agreed upon? Lol 

h and the 'Gassing Over Gear'?
Presume you have heard of GAS? Gear Acquisittion Syndrome where you just want to buy everything?! Yeah well I held back somewhat, lol .. took several days before I got a hold off that second wide angle zoom f2.8 lens...

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