Monday, 26 August 2013


OK so maybe not THE first stars but still the first stars I have attempted to take a photo of and somewhat later than I had planned, lol.

DO not ask me what they are called as I just walked out very late, tired and in pain and got this new camera and pointed it up at whatever was the brightest points and snapped a few shots.

To force me to make a start and just to see out of interest how they would come out.

Was taken solely hand held and I could not get the exposure up and the photos should now encourage me to drag my First Horizon Tripod down the stairs one night, fingers crossed, lol.

Now I HAD planned at this stage to have a DSLR and a nice reflector for this job by Celestron and a 6 inch or 8 inch GOTO scope. But as I have quite literally been shafted for 6 months by Google, Argos and a few others besides this will have to do ... FOR NOW!!

Still ... on-wards and upwards and I plan on doing a great deal more over the next 12 months and far, FAR more than I have done by a factor of 5 at least but hopefully closer to 10?!

Also the camera has exposure time of up to 30 seconds and manual and semi auto modes but I could only figure out at the time how to get it to 1/4 of a second?! Go figure! After I managed to get these pictures I have become very interested to see what I can do with a shield, tripod and longer exposures?!

Camera is a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX300 with a 50x Magnification so as my Revelation Astros are 15x magnification (70mm Objective) I am really keen to experiment. Roll on the cold crystal clear nights!!! No wait a mnute?! Did I way 'roll on the cold nights'?!


Also I need a shield too it seems and I need to obtain one by the time I have broken my back with that heavy tripod?!?!

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