Monday, 26 August 2013


Well another quick mess around for about 5 minutes....that is until I felt insects on me and thought I was being bitten alive and probably was?!

Realised that with my tripod I cannot make the camera look directly upwards, annoyingly.

I did, however, manage to figure out how to extend the exposures and was to do with the ISO and above either 8000 or 12500 a quarter second is the longest it would allow. Once you drop to below one of these two it will then allow you to adjust all the way up til a 30 second exposure, oddly. It should not matter much but I found the gap a bit odd, lol.

I have a binocular adapter by Opticron that is meant for my Revelation Astro Binoculars but I think it may help with allowing me to point the camera wherever I want?! Ideally and I o recall now I wanted to get a parallelogram type arm for the tripod which would have allowed this freedom with the binoculars as I had a problem with looking directly overhead with that too!

You would think this kind of problem would have been dealt with by the manufacturers would you not? Lol.

So I messed around with 1.6 seconds up to 8 seconds.

I was just curious as to how it would look, lol...

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