Thursday, 21 March 2013


Should read universe older than THEY previously thought.

I never bought into that theory and thought they were way off base with that one.

I also thought they were way of base with the previous given maximum amounts on the mass of stars.

Now we have those naive theories out the way it is another removal, well two actually, of obstacles in our pursuit of the answers to life, the universe and everything.

Also let us not be st quick to accept theories in future based on the ones that SOUND like they make the most sense regardless if who our is who makes them.

I have no idea who stated the she if the universe our the maximum mass limits possible on stars, please God I hope it was not Dr Carl Sagan, lol. Also there was nothing wrong with these theories and only really in the speed to accept them.

If I had, or ever do in future, written a book you would NEVER have had me writing these theories as facts as I have in many books I have read and many subjects. I have found over the years it is all golgi easy to use the words if others in part our as a whole, to make yourself look and seen to understand them as will as quantify them.

I have on occasion over the years been scorned by fellow TV viewers for disagreeing with scientists and narrators in scientific documentaries.

Over time they that achieved me only then saw my own theories and beliefs stated as being the case whether it be months or even years later.

Indeed my relationship before last was with an intelligent career girl who had elocution lessons but she could not handle the fact that I was highly knowledgeable in the fields I am and even used to attack me on occasions. Despite her being more successful than I was career wise and owned a house.

Mt life is littered with stories like that of envy of new where there was no realistic cause to have any. Also I find it odd that to have that much hatred and jealousy if people that are intelligent but there would be no technology, heat and light without them.


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