Sunday, 24 March 2013


As funny as the title may sound it is quite exciting and I am sure you are well aware I am referring to the Rocks currently being studied by the latest Rover on Mars... errr Curiosity is it?

Evidence of water? Clay deposits? Whit Rock on a Red Planet??

Wow, not even I expected this and it has only just begun!!

Oddly it is not the only rocky planet in the solar system currently throwing up all manner of surprises as I sit here in my living room on the 24th March 2013 while blizzards batter the UK and very deep snow has settled?!

Here in London there is snow and forecasters are no stating they do not know when it will end?!

My Ornamental Poppies have started growing back just as the snow and sub-zero temperatures have returned in force?!

It is almost like entering a new Ice Age and it is becoming harder and harder to imagine sunny and 18 Degree centigrade, or Celsius, temperatures ever returning?!

It also makes me think  about all that storing of seeds that has been going on to, like Svalbard in Norway. Almost as if someone knew this was coming and started that storing procedure to provide food when it was over, or settles down. Of course any Ice Age would render growing food plants impossible where they were grown previously and would need to be taken to the temperature zones suitable for these plants. Left to nature this would take an absolute age and no way of knowing EXACTLY how long this would be but very likely too long.

I also found it amusing that it would be the people that screwed up the planet would be the ones that were saved, lol. That was something that occurred to me when I watched the Roland Emmerich film '2012'! The Continental Shift is still in progress and they are already in their big boats polluting the ocean?! LMAO!

Just a point of view, hehe. Funny is what I think it is and probably what Roland Emmerich was thinking of when he created the film.

I think the notions depicted in his other apocalyptic movie, which DOES depict a returning Ice Age, 'The Day After Tomorrow' is far more unlikely. Odd that they would find currency useful, well the people building the Arks in '2012' when the world was coming to an end?! LOL! Well The End of the World As We Know It?! Oddly REM's track 'What's the Frequency Kenneth?' just played on Planet Rock Radio on DAB which is the greeting I used when I saw my mate Ken when I saw him n and made me think of their other track 'Its the End of The World As We Know It'?!


So yes some very odd weather going in right now and I was in the local town centre on Saturday, Enfield Town, and in all honesty I have seen a dead quiet Saturday far too many times and in all honesty even just priort to last Christmas I saw much busier Sundays?!

If an Ice Age was upon us I would find it amusing that all the Wolves would be screwed for their money! Hehe!

Personally despite the PEACE that an Ice Age would bring me I hope that it does not occur, it is several thousand years late you know?! I have far too much to achieve this year and want to see that all come to fruition first. My only pleasurable visions right now is the possible public's reaction to being ...ENLIGHTENED?!

So this Global Warming is currently wreaking havoc on my life as I do not possess enough warm clothing?!

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