Saturday, 7 May 2016


This was my first attempt at anything like this with any kind of photography equipment.

But after realising you could actually see Jupiter's Galilean moons with the naked eye, when your really lucky and the sky is very clear, not tonight though, I longed to do this.

I am sure I can do much better in the future in a few weeks when I have learnt what I need to and acquired a remote control for the shutter release.

This is using my Nikon Coolpix P900.

Yes just the camera on its own, I tried using the Fireworks setting!

Was a quick rush job to be honest, was laying on my bed, remembered Jupiter was about, checked the skies through my window, threw on some shorts, insect repellent and ran down stairs!

I am waiting for the day we see our first images of EXOPLANETS! I mean real images where you can make out the finer details, or some, and the colour.

Yeah you just know it is coming, sooner rather than later I hope. Looking forward to seeing what the James Webb Telescope can do!

Bugged me that I was so tired and it was so late. I wanted to mess around with the setting but due to some branches I was having difficulty getting it in shot and was right up against the front wall to my house!

I will do some research and film it later in the night, around midnight I think would be good in the next couple of days?

Hmm, have to check to see which moon is which?

Just imagine for a moment ... life could exist on, Io, one of those little bright points in the video?

You would never have thought this possible twenty years ago, filming another world that could have life on it from something you can buy in your local store?

Oh, well OK , yes PC World in Enfield did not have this P900 ... but I could have ordered it to be delivered to that store. Instead a got on a bus, climbed some horrible stairs and collapsed against a wall toying with the idea of phoning '999' just so I can get my hands on this camera as soon as possible!

Oh end be able to check the box for tell-tale seals.

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