Monday, 19 October 2015


In a what is a very nice excuse and relief to step away from the subject matter of my most popular blog I get a chance to add a long overdue post to this one.

I must say that I have been very, very interested in the new study of solar systems other than our own. Well Pluto, Water on Mars, the James Webb Telescope (primary interest when launched) and new moon missions are a close second.

I have been expecting some oddities to be discovered during this time along with series or realisations that lead to new ideas and technology.

The sudden focusing on these Extra Solar Planets and their systems made me ponder as to the possibility that some other signal might come through? Of course the report popped up with the idea of pointing satellite dishes of large diameter, and multi arrays, towards systems with planets likely to be able to sustain life. Because it is here you are likely to be able to pick up a signal of possible alien life.

Of course you have to remember that no signal dies not mean no life exists. Your looking for civilisations that are advanced enough to have the technology to broadcast signals.

Now to put us into perspective when it comes down to some kind of first contact...

How long have we had the technology to broadcast a signal?

In the grand scheme of things we have barely invented it. Then I ponder to how long any potential contact had been able to broadcast a signal? A thousand years? Maybe tens of thousands of years?

Below is a link to an extremely interesting article that states scientists have reported some bizarre data regarding one of the star systems it's been looking at. Some mixed signals, they say, seem to suggest a civilisation?!

I had thought I might get to hear or read something like this but thought it would likely be in around five years or so when the James Webb Telescope was in orbit.

This early a sign is something of a pleasant and very welcome surprise!

Maybe if I can post more on this on my other blog it might make the human beings behaving like animals and idiots stop and think for a moment?

A little bit of perspective.

'Bizarre' star may suggest existence of 'alien civilisation' say scientists -

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