Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Ahh finally!

Something interesting to me and a break away from the mundane and boring exposure of corruption and underhanded goings on in public office and organisations.

A long pause before it was finally out on the mainstream news, probably because of reports along what I cover and some nonsensical gossipy crap about people that are in effect unimportant?

This report by the BBC states they have now found a raft of new extrasolar, exo, planets though they all seen to use the same naming convention? Wait? Yes they do!

The new planet they believe is now the most Earth like they know is called Keplar 186f. Indeed all eight Earth like planets all carry the name of Keplar and a number?

Well that's going to become messy very quickly! Surely they can come up with something that makes a lot more sense?

You only have to use the naming convention we already have? For awhile?

Solar (name of star) Earth (like) 1, 2, 3

Might not be that easy but you could use ...

Betelgeuse Terrestrial 1

Betelgeuse Terrestrial-Water 1, 2 and so on
Betelgeuse Jupiter or Gas Giant

Though I don't doubt this is hard and could be far more so?

Well thus far we are basing what these exoplanets look like on what we know of our own solar system. But the universe is a big, big place and I am certain that out there we will have a myriad of surprises waiting for us.

To give a very simple example think of just of planets exactly the same as Mars but in every single possible colour there is?

Also the make up of the gases in a planets atmosphere, of it has one of course, could very much alter what it looks like from both sides of the coin, so to speak.

I always get excited at things like this and then groan at how primitive we are as a species and going backwards based on the ways our leaders want us to be out act... or dance, or jump....ooh sorry "How High?!" Lol.

In fact if they have the technology to be able to that someone is peering at them and day for instance they actually already know about us and our history so you think they will have a news bulletin stating ...

"Oh crap?! They are looking at us?! Shit they have found us?! Now its just a matter of time before [insert leader of your choice]'s delegation comes here duo of promises, lies, deadly flus and without thinking after our Gold, Water or Delithium Crystals Cap'n?"


Or maybe they will collect up all their crap, badly made gadgets, refurbished and faulty gadgets and trade us for rare minerals and we realise when they are half way back their shit don't work. Oh and after they have convinced us to scrap legal aid of course?!

Anyway I for one an looking forward to many more reports like this, which I think will be increasing as I am sure there are more scopes going up. James Webb? Sorry I have sorry term memory issues from a condition I have, Fibrofog from Fibromyalgia.

Yes I am l very much looking forward to ever more discoveries and how they find a way of mapping what these far flung worlds actually look like?!

Now wouldn't that be uber cool?!

'Alien Earth' among eight new planets http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-30705517

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