Saturday, 18 May 2013


OK this was not so joyous a read and the scope that had had my excitement going way beyond that of even the great Hubble Scope has ground to a halt?!


Still I am confident that mountains well be relocated around the globe to get this fascinating and promising device back in its primary mission.

A primary mission that had shocked and surprised me but nice and really should bit have done as I thought class M planets are numerous even within our immediate part of the galaxy. Including that seen with the naked eye!

Even so though it is pretty stellar (groan) to hear about these discoveries just the same?!

Albeit annoying as when I watched a documentary about the discovery if planets that could harbour life I was shocked at how many planets had been discovered so far and even how many are discovered every week?!

You could do a weekly series just on this alone that would just keep coming and coming. Er well when Kepler is back online!

Hmm plus there is that James Webb Scope and I'm ashamed to admit that I cannot recall the mission specifics to this one, lol.

Was it not going to be a planet hunter too but improving on Kepler in some way?!

I really must read up and refresh my memory BEFORE I post on this blog, lol.

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