Thursday, 18 October 2012


I have been absent from this blog due to the commitments and constant problems that involve all my other blogs, namely to do with UK corruption and my health. I apologise to the very few that have been on here.

This is probably why out of my twelve blogs this has the smallest number of viewers thus far, despite the mere infancy of them, for the most part, being a month old.

However I just recently watched a documentary with many of my favourite characters/scientists and this has re-ignited my grey matter into the theories of life the universe and everything. This is partly due to the surprising fact that my long held theory is now the popular belief amongst the scientific community of astronomers and astrophysicists. As always they state how that if just a couple of years previously there was an admittance to belief in this theory then the scientist in question would be ridiculed, Galileo or Darwin anyone?!

It is a shame that this kind of ridicule still exists as it is this that, in my belief, holds back progress. That does not mean to say that large sums of money can be thrown at each theory in the forms of budgets for research but only that more of a team effort to substantiate or disprove each theory in turn! Everyone loves using the saying 'There is no 'I' in 'TEAM'' but not many actually practise it in y view.

I have performed an audio recording of the documentary with the idea of playing back while typing out a document as I go to give opinion to each scientist and each theory in turn.

The next thing I am expecting to hear is that news statement declaring that they can see galaxies still far beyond 15 billion or more light years. Well taking into account the possibility or ruling out of any kind of INFLATION on the universe's early period so that the galaxies are seen beyond a distance that seems, at first at any rate, to rule out the current belief of the age of the Universe!

I sate this but there COULD be explanations behind this, kind of linked to the idea they also mentioned about new theory building its following to that of the Multiverse theorem!

'Truth can often turn out stranger than fiction!' I would think that over time we would realise that it quite often WILL for the most part?!

I shall endeavour to complete this POST over the coming days and over the following weekend, pray tell civil servants and politicians DO NOT GET IN MY WAY! Hahaaa!

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